Wooden Reels

We manufacturer custom wooden reels and offer on-site assembly to reduce costs

About this product

Perfection Pallets is a Indiana-based custom manufacturer of wood and plywood reels for manufacturers, distributors and end-users of wire rope, cable, and  flexible tubing. We manufacture reels with flange sizes ranging from 12 inches to 10 or more feet in diameter. Drum sizes can range from 7 inches to over 8 feet in length.

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Assemble on Site

Perfection Pallets offers assembly on site services for Wooden Reels.  This allows for more reels to be shipped per truck.  We provide the team to your location for assembly.

Nailed Wood Reels

Perfection Pallets nailed wood reels are intended for returnable or non-returnable packaging for wire, cable and rope products.  Flange thickness, arbor hole, cable slot (start hole), and drive pin hole can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Flange Materials
               • Spruce, pine, or fir
               • Thickness: 1" to 5"
               • Diameter: 24" to 120" or larger
Barrel Materials
            Wood Staves
               • Molded to provide maximum strength and surface smoothness
               • Diameter: from 8" to 90"+
               • Length: any length from 6" traverse to 60" traverse
            Plywood Barrel
               • Made of three-ply northern hardwood plywood for weights up to 1000 lbs
               • Hex-head bolts and nuts: 5⁄16" diameter to 3⁄4" diameter
               • Cup-washers are standard up to 50" flange diameter
               • Flat washers are standard above 50" flange diameter
Arbor Reinforcements
               • Available in most standard arbor hole sizes.
               • Tubular ferrules
               • Lightweight extruded plates
               • Heavy-duty welded plates
Center Supports and Drum Heads
               • One or more center supports can be located along the traverse to support the center of the traverse
               • Drum heads are nailed to the flanges to support the stave ends and add support for heavy loads
Flanges are nailed in uniform patterns with heads recessed below the product-bearing surface. Nail points are clinched back into the wood
to achieve a mechanical lock