Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets typically consist of three or four stringers that support several deck-boards, on top of which goods are placed. In a pallet measurement the first number is the stringer length and the second is the deck-board length. Square or nearly square pallets help a load resist tipping.  Two-way pallets are designed to be lifted by the deck-boards. The standard North American pallet, or GMA pallet, has deck-boards of 40 inches and stringers of 48 inches.  Four-way pallets, or pallets for heavy loads (or general-purpose systems that might have heavy loads) are best lifted by their more rigid stringers. These pallets are usually heavier, bigger and more durable than two-way pallets.

Wooden Reels

Perfection Pallets is a Indiana-based custom manufacturer of wood and plywood reels for manufacturers, distributors and end-users of wire rope, cable, and  flexible tubing. We manufacture reels with flange sizes ranging from 12 inches to 10 or more feet in diameter. Drum sizes can range from 7 inches to over 8 feet in length.

Shipping Crates, Boxes, and Cages

Crates, plywood boxes, and cages are wooden products made with the objective to protect against knocks, and damage during transportation and are the very best solutions for moving goods on long haul journeys.  Perfection Pallets has for many years manufactured custom crates, cages and plywood boxes for  packaging and transportation operations.