About us

Perfection Pallets and Lumber

Perfection Pallets is a whole lot more that a pallet company. While Pallets constitute the majority of our Truckload shipments, we also manufacture, spools, boxes as well as engineered boxes that insulate sensitive electronic equipment from shock or damage while in transit.
Perfection Pallets, while an Indiana corporation, had strategic alliances with collaborative partners strategically located to serve most if not all domestic markets thereby reducing transportation costs.
Perfection Pallets utilizes a mechanical engineer to assure American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification standard fulfilment. All shipments are inspected to assure optimal quality assurance/quality control requirements.
We manufacture in both softwood and hardwood lumber. Our Sawmill provides hardwood lumber directly to the steel Industry for export and domestic shipments of Structural Steel, to CONRAIL and AMTRAK along with other clients including the U. S. Governments Department of Defence contractors.
Perfection Pallets “unconditionally warrants and guarantees” 100% customer satisfaction on every order. Moreover, Perfection Pallets “preferred” clients earn a rewards incentive that enable them to receive contractually established earnings paid directly by check to the client.
We accept and operate under principles of Lean Manufacturing.